In Week 3

Sorry it has been such a long time since I posted! And this one will be short because Shane is mandating a prompt 10:00 bedtime because I have been feeling so bad.

Last Friday my friend Christa came over to help me do some food prep, which was great! It was nice to just be in the kitchen together. We made sauerkraut and I put together lentil loaf for Cyprian to see if we can reintegrate lentils.

I am not sure about the lentils; in general his eczema has been pretty bad, especially when he gets home from school. We haven’t been keeping a good journal of exactly what he has been consuming, which we need to start doing. It is just so hard–was it something he ate? Was it the bubbles he just spilled on himself? Is he allergic to the cocoa butter I have been using on him? Aaaaargh so hard to know.

Monday I finally went to the doctor and got diagnosed with acute bronchitis. Fortunately, the resident I saw said that they don’t even prescribe antibiotics until people have had it for six weeks or something (I’ve only had it for two). I really appreciated that because I didn’t want to wreck all my good bacteria! But the coughing is pretty miserable, and Cyprian’s been struggling some with it, too.

Tonight I finally made Cyprian these flax crackers I have been wanting to try. FOUR CUPS of flax seed! I had to split up the recipe because the Ninja couldn’t take it all at once. Now all four layers of the dehydrator are on, so we will see how they turn out.


One thought on “In Week 3

  1. Hang in there! I imagine it’s incredibly frustrating to be working so hard and still have flare-ups and generally bad symptoms.

    I second the idea to start a journal of what Cyprian is eating (or anything else that might be setting off his symptoms), along with how bad his symptoms are. It takes effort, but not having to store all that information in your head makes it much easier to spot patterns. Like with a pensieve. 🙂 But regardless of the strategy you end up using, I hope it becomes clear soon what the problematic things are!


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