Friday lessons:

Why did we ever, ever, EVER decide to try to drive up 95 on a Friday afternoon? We’ve been in the south too long to realize our folly! A 5.5 hour drive became an 8.5 hour drive, although blessedly Cyprian slept from the Tappan Zee to around Milford! We knew that would make for another hard night, but let’s just say that when his terrible sleeping is combined with the diet and regular travel stress, this trip is starting to feel like a very long bad dream. I don’t feel good, which makes it hard to focus on anything, and it is hard to not be able to get anything comforting on the road.

Saturday reality checks:

Around 6:00 p.m.: Cyprian has had four poops today, two of them quite soft but not diarrhea. It must be the increase in fruit. At the wedding today I let him have quite a bit of applesauce, but he had already eaten both his pork patties and his broccoli and squash and there was nothing left for the hungry monster but applesauce (or soup, which we were not about to attempt inside the chapel!).

Shane and I both took communion, which was bread. Because it is Marquand tradition, Shane helped consume bread afterwards, which was important for his soul. At the reception, someone walked by with a chevre-chive stuffed mushroom and even though I know chevre is on the no-no list I gobbled one up because I was so hungry. Even though we had brought some food with us, I went on to eat a hunk of aged cheese and some dried apricots (GAPS-legal), some pulled pork (maybe GAPS-legal), and one tortilla chip with chicken, avocado, and sour cream (definitely not GAPS-legal). I have been afraid to say, “Sure, let’s relax a little because we are traveling,” because then I feel like I will then always want to “relax” for some reason or another. I also don’t want to go back to square one with my body and have to readjust all over again to not having starches and sugar.

However, life happens. Weddings happen. We travel and it is stressful. It is Cyprian who really needs the healing (well, at least as much as outward signs can tell) so we need to be the most careful with him. But if he overboards on applesauce one day, well, it’s okay. The recommendation is for 85% of food to be savory and 15% sweet on the full diet. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for fruit, but it does leave some, and he has already eaten soup, a ton of broccoli and squash, and pork patties today.

Will we head down the slippery slope of going to enjoy a small ice cream at the classic shop in town? Will we wreak havoc with our bodies if we do? I don’t know…I am just trying to eat on the diet the best I can and realize that sometimes I won’t be able to. And it is okay.

The low-carb flu has been affecting all of us; Cyprian’s cough is about gone, but Shane and I are still hacking away and today I had complete laryngitis and couldn’t even sing at the wedding. 😦 After some time at the reception, I took Cyprian back to where we are staying to take a nap, which never happened. He reached his second wind. Of course the moment he got in the car to pick up Shane he fell asleep. :/ I just hope he sleeps better tonight.


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