The end of the first week

Whew. We made it to our friends’ house in DC! We pulled into a rest stop to eat our soup because we left 1.5 hours late (surprise surprise!), but a sudden thunderstorm involved getting drenched on the dash to the car and trying to eat soup in the car, which was more successful than I had anticipated. Nevertheless, Cyprian and I still ended up with a lot of soup all over us.

We let Cyprian eat some applesauce (roasted apples in coconut oil) in the car today–his first fruit. He asked for more about 10 times, but we were firm in only letting him have some. It was hard to see if it affected him; his eczema already seemed inflamed (perhaps from wearing daycare shorts washed in different detergent? or traveling in the carseat?). Our evening soup also had tomatoes, so it was hard to track if that gave him eczema, too. We will have to keep experimenting with tomatoes.

Last night Shane and I just transitioned straight to the full diet. I needed cheese and the blueberries that came in the CSA. We are feeling a little better, and Shane said that he is starting to have fewer cravings.

A few days ago Cyprian had a bad hives reaction on his legs right before dinner. It was strange because we couldn’t tell what he had touched or possibly eaten in the kitchen during dinner prep. We would usually give him benedryl in that bad of a reaction, but I don’t know how that will affect his stomach so early on the diet, so I just put long pants on him and that seemed to stop him scratching.

We found out that our co-op sells reverse osmosis filter water for 39 cents a gallon. Reverse osmosis filters (which get out fluoride) are about $200, which we didn’t feel like we could do right now, so it is nice to have a source to get some jugs to take to daycare for Cyprian and then in the car. We won’t use it for everything, but I want Cyprian to drink it as much as possible.

I am feeling a little guilty about moving Cyprian through the intro diet so quickly–I told him we could probably start fruit tomorrow. He hasn’t had any diarrhea, but he does have some undigested carrot, sunflower seeds, and fat in his poop. I am not really sure what to do about that. I am reminding myself that we can always go back to the intro diet if we feel like he needs it. We can try the full diet with him for a while and see if we need to go back to soups (maybe in the winter!). Also, I am frustrated that I didn’t order our cod liver oil and probiotics earlier, because I am still waiting for them to come. However, I hope that with those supplements (if Cyprian can tolerate cod liver oil…he might react to it), increasing broth consumption, eliminating starches, and eating something probiotic three times a day, his gut will hopefully start healing.

I am thankful that our friends had a lot of room in their fridge and freezer for all the meat, frozen stock, veggies, and homemade yogurt we are transporting. Traveling on GAPS is quite the ordeal!

Sad thing I discovered: Maple syrup is not allowed on GAPS. Lame.

Happy thing I discovered: Recently cocoa powder has been approved for people who don’t have digestive problems…so maybe after we get more “regular” I’ll try some GAPS-approved chocolate recipes!!


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