Days 4 and 5

Yesterday started out rough. We kept Cyprian home for breakfast because we had the time, and then as I was preparing his lunchbox I realized that when I put the butternut soup in the crock pot to keep warm overnight, I had plugged in the coffee grinder instead of the crock pot, so the soup was room temperature. I pretty much broke down at that point, not so much because of the mistake, but because of the stress of trying to do everything and the frustration from efforts wasted. The whole reason we are trying this is to try to find our baby some healing, and there he was without a lunch!

Yesterday he did pretty well at daycare but today he ate “great” and even drank up his broth from his breakfast soup. So proud! We really appreciate that his teachers are being understanding and giving him his filtered water, etc.

In general, Cyprian is adjusting much better than we are. He is already used to being on a limited diet, even though he misses his fruit and “chocolate cake” (black bean brownies). As Shane pointed out last night, it is not just losing the food for us, but losing the emotional connections we have with food. When I am feeling down, Shane gets me a surprise chocolate bar or latte. When we want to do something special, we go out for tea and a tasty snack. We eat a Ben and Jerry’s when we watch a Netflix TV show. Now we are having to find new ways of showing our care for each other, ways that used to be exercised in certain types of food. For us, this diet is temporary. I do plan to not eat as much sugar and to integrate more traditional preparation techniques into cooking, but I also want to be able to enjoy food out with people…and the occasional Ben and Jerry’s.

I wonder, though—will Cyprian ever get to do that? We can only pray that he will.

Shane and I were mostly on Stage 4 today and may move to Stage 5 (RAW VEGETABLES!) tomorrow. Today after I ate my soup for lunch I mixed up chicken, egg poached in broth, avocado, and yogurt into a little salad and it was SUCH a relief from all the soup! We have also been having pancakes for breakfast—peanut butter, eggs, honey, and zucchini all mixed up in the Ninja. They are actually quite good. I feel like we are cheating a bit because we are not using homemade or organic peanut butter, but the ingredients are just peanuts and sea salt, so that is good. I am toasting almonds tonight to make us almond butter, and I already made Cyprian some sunflower seed butter. The pancakes I made for him this morning actually turned out all right even minus the eggs. He ate one (which is all you should start out with…Shane and I ate three each our first time lol) and loved it. I would have let him eat another one if he had drunk another shot of chicken juice, but he decided to pour his into my broth so too bad for him!

It is hard to have the energy and time to plan more creative menus than just the soup now that we are getting into the later stages. I am so sick of soup, though.

Cyprian’s eczema was better today, which was encouraging. He also pooped twice today! This morning I saw some undigested fat in his poop. I don’t really know what that means so I need to investigate.

Neither Shane’s nor my poops were ideal today, and I felt kind of sick (a die-off reaction, maybe?). However, we tried out the juicer I got on craigslist for $20 and it was SO COOL! It just gobbled up those carrots and made oh so tasty juice! I drank some and immediately started feeling a little better. Unfortunately Cyprian didn’t really like it…but he does love beets so I will try mixing in some beet juice tomorrow.

It was heartening to see Cyprian shovel in almost three servings of chicken soup tonight and then eat about 5 pieces of broccoli and 7 brussels sprouts that had been cooked in broth. I mean, he really is the ideal GAPS toddler, even if it is hard to get him to drink his broth plain.

I am getting very nervous about traveling this weekend. We leave Thursday afternoon. We are staying with very understanding friends, but I am nervous about having enough food and about having enough time to prepare it all. I spend my time before going to sleep at night thinking about how and when to prepare everything. I am used to always thinking about Cyprian’s food, but now it is even more intense.

Shane and I should have done more prep work tonight, but after 45 minutes of doing dishes, we needed to have some together time and watch a Netflix episode, which I am very glad we did.


2 thoughts on “Days 4 and 5

  1. How frustrating to find all that work on the butternut soup wasted! There’s so much to keep track of, and so many ways to make a mistake or feel like you’re forced into a compromise. I hope things will get easier once your diets have have stabilized a little more, and once all the prep work becomes habitual instead of a constant decision to keep having to make.

    I heartily approve of labor-saving appliances like the juicer. I promised myself that if I did the elimination diet I would buy myself a food processor, and I am so glad I did. At the time it felt a little extravagant, but it opened up so many possibilities for eating when I otherwise had very few choices.


    1. It’s so true, Owen! Shane’s parents gave us a Ninja a year ago and I use it for ALL of Cyprian’s stuff, even before we were on this diet. It is so essential–for example, I am able to get greens into his lentil loaf and soup by grinding them up when he would never eat them in their leaf form. I am thankful for all of these little kitchen appliances that make things easier. Sometimes I think–people didn’t used to have these things! But when people were preparing things traditionally back then there were much fewer food allergies, too…

      On Wed, Jul 8, 2015 at 12:08 AM, andtheleavesofthetrees wrote:



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