Day 3

Whew. Late night–I just finished making butternut soup for Cyprian’s lunch tomorrow, yogurt, and a modified pate that I hope Cyprian will like as much as his normal pate. Since olive oil and red wine aren’t allowed yet, I just boiled the livers, rosemary, onions, and mushrooms in beef stock. I could have added some coconut oil to help it set up in the fridge, but I have been a little worried that Cyprian might be reacting to coconut oil. They use it at daycare as his bottom balm, and his bottom always looks fine, but sometimes when I put it on the rest of his body I feel like his eczema gets worse. He is used to having it in many of his desserts and I haven’t noticed an obvious reaction before, though. I hope he can still have it because it is so healthy.

Cyprian’s eczema definitely flared today, and he had some localized hives. After lunch we figured it was because he was running around naked and rubbing his body all over the floor. It is common for him to randomly get hives, especially when he is not wearing clothes to protect his skin. But I also wondered if it was the mushroom soup he ate so well for lunch. Again, he has been having mushrooms in his pate for the last month with no obvious reaction. It just isn’t clear if these eczema flares are caused by a die-off reaction, a newly-exposed sensitivity to a food, or simply environmental factors like cat hair.  Cyprian’s skin is so sensitive that things like a particular soap or fragrance can make him have small hives on the place of contact. It is just so hard to know!

I was feeling better today and had a little more energy. We not only had our egg yolks in our breakfast soup but also a soft-boiled egg each (Shane and me, not Cyprian, obviously). I know that was rushing it, but my body was very thankful for the egg. I think we did the right thing. GAPS is about listening to your body; it is just hard to know if my body is saying, “I miss the old food!” or “I am ready for more eggs now!” We are going to go ahead and move to stage 3 tomorrow–avocado, pancakes, and fermented vegetables. I might give Cyprian some fermented carrots tomorrow, but he won’t have a pancake til Tuesday morning because I have to soak seeds for sunflower butter (he can’t have peanuts or nuts). Even then, making them without eggs might not work–we’ll see!

It is just really hard on our spirits right now to feel so down and weak when we were so ready to do this three days ago. But I know we won’t feel this way forever–I had several friends today who told me about their different diet experiences and how we just need to get to day 5 and our bodies will adjust. So here’s to hoping that happens!


One thought on “Day 3

  1. That’s tough with the eczema flare-up. Whenever I have an unexplained reaction to something I’m always worried I’ve developed a new sensitivity. Hopefully what you’re doing now will pay dividends soon.

    I also hear you on the tiredness. I can definitely remember the feeling of using up all my energy to make the next meal.


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