Day 2: Part 2

Well, the rest of the day was mixed. It was nice to have an hour of Cyprian sleeping, although all we could really do with ourselves was sit on the couch. Shane did read during that time that we have been letting our broths cook too long, and we are wondering if that is one reason we are so sapped.

Shane and I made ourselves eat chicken soup and leftover cauliflower “soup.” When Cyprian got up, he became happier after having some broccoli, and he even drank the broth afterwards. Several times he has had veggies without actually drinking much broth…but I am just happy he is eating something!

Excitingly, Cyprian pooped! It was soft with some hard edges…I know you don’t want that kind of detail but I need to write it down somewhere to remember! Sorry! We went to the park, which was exhausting for Shane and me but Cyprian had a lot of energy. When we got home, though, he was exhausted, so he took another nap, which enabled Shane and me to each take a little rest, as well. Before that Shane and I both had some yogurt and honey and broth. It was so nice to not be eating soup!

When Cyprian got up he was incredibly grumpy. Shane cooked dinner while Cyprian slept on my chest for a little longer. After Cyprian finally decided to eat some broccoli and carrots cooked in broth, he felt much better. Dinner was definitely a winner with Cyprian–butternut squash with ginger and ground pork. I wish I had bought more than two butternuts! We will have to go to the co-op tomorrow.

Today was just a day of feeling down and discouraged. Should we have started with the full diet and gone onto intro later? Is it okay for us to move quickly through intro? Is this even going to do anything productive for Cyprian? Is it pointless? It is predictable for only being on day 2, but it hard to feel so terrible on a diet that is supposed to make you feel better!


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