Day One

Whew. We are pooped.

Overall, today went pretty well. We woke up and had chicken soup that had been in the crock pot. Cyprian did ask for bananas, but he was pretty excited about the soup. We chose chicken soup for our first soup because it is a) so good, b) so easy, and c) we have it frequently so Cyprian is used to it. He ate two whole bowls for breakfast, although he was not very interested in the ginger-honey tea I served him.

We had fun gardening/playing with chalk outside and harvested three zucchini, two cucumbers, and some cherry tomatoes. It was a lovely morning together as a family! Cyprian even asked to drink a bit of “chicken juice” outside (last week I got him started drinking “chicken juice” on the steps outside of a medicine cup, so now he thinks it’s a thing!).

We had chicken soup again for lunch, and then I went to practice organ and retrieve our meat/milk/eggs order from a farm while the boys took naps. On my drive home through pouring rain, I hit a wall. I was SO exhausted. Definitely feeling the sugar/caffeine withdrawal! It felt like I had been fasting.

We all had some more chicken soup for snack and I enjoyed the coconut oil-honey treats I had frozen, although Cyprian only wanted to play with his. We then walked to Whole Foods to get some extra veggies, but Shane had forgotten to wear his shoes (surprise surprise!) so he and Cyprian just had to walk around outside (Shane has been kicked out of Whole Foods before for not wearing shoes). This was perhaps fortunate because even just coming in sight of Whole Foods make Cyprian flip out for bananas.

We were all fading fast, but we managed to get together a fresh tomato soup with ground beef, mushed and brothed cauliflower, and broccoli-in-broth for Cyprian. It was so nice to not eat chicken! I had three bowls of soup and Cyprian had two–we were all hungry.

After we got Cyprian to bed, we still had to put more broth on, shred carrots and set the ginger carrots to ferment, strain and start new kefir, and make yogurt. And do dishes. Phew. I am glad that we started on a long weekend!

I realized this morning that I had already made a mistake (I put celery in the chicken soup…too fibrous), but that’s okay–our output today seems to be on the side of needing more fiber, anyway, if you know what I mean! That’s one important part of this diet: Pay attention to your poop! Cyprian did not poop at all today, even in the morning, which is VERY unusual. He normally poops four times a day. I hope tomorrow he will get it all out of him because I do not want him to be constipated.

Time to turn in! Thanks for your support and prayers.


2 thoughts on “Day One

  1. I’m so impressed, you guys. What a huge leap of faith and an amazing journey to be starting on, and I’m sure it feels so challenging to start. But I think it makes so much sense to do it now, and it’s so true that kids this age are malleable- when we had to put Junie on a clear liquids only diet for a few days, I worried so much about how she would react, and it ended up being a non-issue for her, and more just a big headache for me with all the prep work and worry. Obviously this is a much, much longer period of time for you, but hopefully the prep gets easier as you get used to it and the initial withdrawal symptoms aren’t too intense. I love you guys, and I’m so excited to get to to follow and support this journey!


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