Day 2: Part 1

Wow. This sucks. And I don’t even usually use that word!

I was up with Cyprian at 6:10. Around 7:15 (after asking for a banana and being denied) Cyprian asked for some soup. I asked if he wanted chicken or beef, and he said beef. He ate a good amount of his bowl and drank a couple shots of “chicken juice” before pouring the rest out onto the table. :/ I did not give him as many time-outs as he needed this morning because I just had no energy.

I tried to get some ginger tea into me and eventually some soup when Shane got up. I initially felt better after the soup, but by this time Cyprian was starting to act up. He has been extremely clingy all morning. We finally got out to the farmer’s market, which was good, but when we got back Cyprian flipped out. He saw that we had bought ground pork and wanted “sausage dinner.” Of course, the sausage is frozen and we all need to get calories into our body asap so we prepare chicken soup and broccoli. He continues to scream this whole time, even while I am holding him. He refuses to eat any of his food, even after we go outside. He is acting sick–he developed a small cough the night before we started, but he has no fever. However, he still hasn’t pooped. I am worried about that. I guess it is good that the diet is affecting him in some way, but he needs to poop!

Shane and I had whey from homemade yogurt on our soups this morning, and I think we will move on to yogurt this afternoon. It is hard me to tell how I am reacting. Am I just wiped and miserable because of withdrawal? Because my body is still processing? Because my body needs to move on to the next stages to get more kinds of food? I am pooping a little less but still consistently, so that is a good sign. I am hoping Shane and I will move to stage 2 (add egg yolks!) tomorrow.

I just finally put Cyprian down in his crib, even though it is an hour and a half before he usually naps. He just cried himself to sleep, so now maybe Shane and I can have a chance to regroup so we don’t bite each other’s heads off the rest of the day. Ugh. Who would have thought eating soup all day would be so hard?


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