One day left!

Well, last night Cyprian woke up every two hours, so I figured that I needed to stop and get Shane and me some tea and coffee lattes, respectively, and pay our last respects to Guglhupf by getting chocolate and almond croissants. This meant I went to work without showering, but it was obviously worth it. While at work, one of my good friends texted and said that she decided to bring me Monuts for lunch since I can’t have it for a year. Friend for the win! I know that we shouldn’t be bingeing right before the diet–we will probably feel sick tomorrow as all our sugar-loving yeast and bacteria die off–but it’s hard to say our last goodbyes! Therefore we also ate our last pint of Ben and Jerry’s tonight while watching an episode of Leverage.

I have had several moments of being stressed out today because I feel unprepared, but I am trying to keep several things in mind.

1) We will do what we can, the best that we can. Okay, so we only have a Brita filter and not an expensive get-the-flouride-out filter. I only have sauerkraut fermenting right now and nothing else, and I just started my milk kefir tonight so it probably won’t be ready to eat right away. Um, I think I read we are supposed to start the day with a probiotic…we still need to get that! But you know what? That’s okay. I am a perfectionist and am always comparing myself to others, but we are going to try to follow the book, do what we can, and pray that God does the rest.

2) I don’t have to do everything at one time. I can do a little bit each day. So what if we don’t have all our produce for soups tomorrow? We have chicken soup in the crock pot for breakfast, a second round of broth going in the other crock pot, and we can go to the store tomorrow because we are all off for Independence Day.

3) Changing the way we eat is a very big thing, but there are lots of things about our lives we aren’t changing. We can still watch Netflix on the computer without eating Ben and Jerry’s. We can go on walks and enjoy life and proceed perfectly normally, just with a little more food prep and a more limited menu. Many things will go on just as normal.

4) We are equipped. I sometimes feel bad that we didn’t go to a GAPS practitioner to get advice, but when I heard that a 40 minute consult would be $75, I balked and imagined that I would probably know most of what we discussed in the consult anyway. But I have read the book, we have an extra cookbook, we aren’t completely new to whole-foods cooking, and I visit lots of other blogs to get ideas and advice. Will we make mistakes? Yes. But it won’t be the end of the world.

I have contacted both Cyprian’s PCP and allergist about the diet. His PCP wanted me to check with his allergist about possible signs of ketosis during the initial stages when Cyprian can’t have fruit. The allergist today wanted me to contact a nutritionist about that. I struggled because I wanted to follow his advice, but we have been preparing to start tomorrow and I didn’t want to delay. After consideration, we are going to go ahead and start. We will watch for signs of ketosis, but we will also try to move him through the intro stages as quickly as we can so that he is assured of getting enough carbs through fruit, especially because he is unable to have any eggs or dairy.

In good news, one of his daycare teachers affirmed that it is fine if we bring him a bottle of filtered water and she understands having to deny him fruit for a week or two, as difficult as that will be.

Shane just mentioned to me that he wishes we had talked to Cyprian more about the changes coming. He is so right. It is easy to assume that he can’t think that much about the future, but he really can and now he will be a little blindsided. I did tell him that he was having soup for breakfast, but we didn’t talk about not having bananas for a couple weeks. In all my stress I forgot to prepare our son, who doesn’t have the same resources for coping with stress that I do. We need to take this to the Lord and pray that God will help him adjust.

Well, here we go! I am going to order our raw milk and pasture chickens to pick up tomorrow and then will be off to bed.


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